It is wonderful to sit with her on the patio in her garden in Piedmont with a glass of Prosecco and see her eyes light up when she tells you her latest discovery in the field of Italian gastronomic excellence

or when she recalls moments of her childhood in France or, again, the years spent in South Africa as well as travelling around the world...

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French-born, she fell in love with Italy at first glance.
Her husband Carlo is a native of Imperia, on the northwestern coast of Italy


His culinary pedigree stretches back 150 years, which is how long THE MEMBERS OF THE BERIO family has been in the olive oil business industry.

United States

“Taste of Italy”, the restaurant she founded together with Carlo in Nashville, Tennessee, a place to go to, for state of the art of Italian cuisine.

They have gently educated the palates of many Americans with the real Italian gastronomy.

Taste of Italy

Marie-Blanche sources the finest Italian excellence, from selecting the best luxurious accommodations and landscapes to unique leisure insider experience.

The most prized selection of vineyards, artisans of taste, and world-class restaurants.

It is this peaceful spirit that inspired Lusso e Gusto a platform for travelers to taste the “Slow” Italian gastronomy, and way of life.

Lusso e gusto

Ever since, Lusso e Gusto has dedicated itself to celebrating a luxuriously unhurried
life starting at the table.

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