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Lake Como

Luxury and eco-friendly magnificence!

Villa d'Este

An iconic luxury resort

The splendor of a Villa

Magnificent memories

Gastronomy in the Lake Area

Delight your tongue and your soul

Wine tasting in the Lake Area

A well kept secret

Culinary heights

Be a guest of a legendary Italian chef

Cooking class

Learn from the author (and have fun!)

Milan shopping

Assisted by a world-class Personal Shopper

An evening at La Scala

Unforgettable pleasure


Italian's very best "bollicine"

Italian sparkling experience

Discover Franciacorta's jewels

L'Albereta Resort

All-in-one superb experience

The chef of delights

From the world's best female chef

Wines from Veneto

The North-Eastern crown of Italy

A night in Venice

Enjoy the endless magic

Venice over-the-top

Pure luxury on earth

Amarone at its best

Probably Veneto's greatest red

The roots of excellence

Verona's best kept secret

An Italian gastronomic landmark

Visionary three Michelin star

Bologna the noble

Get pampered at the Majestic

A bite of history

Medieval bakery

Truffle hunting in Emilia Romagna

A wonderful reward for your patience

Whites or reds?

Discover the Bolognese hills and its wines

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar

Discover Modena's liquid gold

King of Kings

The making of the finest Italian cheese

Handcrafting excellence

Discover how a legend is made

Italy's love story with gelato

Add a pinch of sweet to your stay

A walk into scents and taste

Loose yourself into this wrapping experience

Embrace the warmness

The Breads of Emilia Romagna Cooking Course

La Terra dei Motori

Let your senses reach top gear

A temple of taste

Leave room for the unexpected!

Tuscany in a glass

Explore the nobility of a unique terroir

A living magic

The Four Seasons in Florence

The Marquis' choice

Surround yourself with the beauty of an historical palace

Where nature meets luxury

Pamper yourself in astonishing landscapes

Truffle hunting in Tuscany

Find the hidden treasure!

Deep in Val d'Orcia

A Castle, a Church and a Charming Borgo

An outstanding olive oil

Discover the secrets of Tuscany's liquid gold

Cooking lessons in Tuscany

Bring home some great recipes!

Let's catch up in Tuscany!

The perfect Family Get Together in luxury villa

The Grand Tasting

In Private Members' Only Cellar

Play the blind tasting game!

Challenge your nose and palate

The perfect pairing

Bolgheri and the Tuscan coast

Siena: Italy's loveliest medieval city

A diamond in the crown of Tuscany

Brunello di Montalcino - The secrets

Unveil the hidden treasure

"Cinta senese" farm tour

The yummiest farm tour ever

Historical Tuscan Manor

VIPs favorite Tuscan hide-away!

Live the spirit of Maremma Toscana

A secular tradition unveiled

Sailing the Tuscan Archipelago

A memorable experience!

The thrill of hunting

A step in the countryside

Learn from the winemaker

A journey into culture and taste

Fancy a 18-hole golf course?

Immerse yourself in the game

Explore the heart of Langhe

Breathe the scent of antique charm

A 5-star stay in the Savoy capital

Discover the aristocratic beauty of Turin

Truffle hunting in Piedmont

The best reward after an early awakening!

Private visit at Cascina Monsignore

The rural side of wellbeing

A world-class Barolo winemaker

Open the doors to Rocche dei Manzoni

A visionary winery near Alba

Ceretto: state of the art

A 3 Michelin star sanctuary in Alba

Be inspired by the unexpected

Great heritage in a dish!

Enjoy the Piemontese way of life

A fabulous restaurant on the hills

Landscape, haute cuisine, world-class cellar

Bra, capital of Baroque and Slow Food

Go slow in style!

Home of Italian kings and queens

Explore Elegant Turin, Italy's best kept secret!

Let's toast in the sky!

Cheers to the magnificent landscape

My wine, my passion!

Label your favourite wine with your very own name

There's always room for green!

Enjoy golfing with a difference

Yacht fever

Explore the Italian coast line

Have a relaxing pamper day!

Discover our selection of best Italian spas

Cooking lesson in Veneto

Pair your food with great Amarone!

Bologna, the scholarly and the fat!

Where the oldest university meets great food

Seaside Maremma Paradise

Great duke of tuscany former country villa

Try the typical raw milk cheeses paired with local Grand reds: Nebbiolo, Barolo, Dolcetto and Barbera

Textile excellence is a talent here: from the silk of Como to the shopping high streets in Milan

“Teatro La Fenice” in Venice is a sanctuary for opera lovers

Emilia Romagna, land of tastes and smells, from balsamic vinegar to cured meat to parmigiano

Pair the traditional bruschetta or ragù with a great, aged Chianti or a marvellous Brunello di Montalcino